Quarterly Update 001: March 8, 2019


I wanted to take this opportunity to give the first quarterly update on trīb. and /trīb/U and provide some more context around what I’m hoping to build over the next couple of years. It’s ambitious AF, but I’m always up for a challenge.


We have a pretty amazing group of EAs already (just under 60 from 7 countries) and I am carefully hand-selecting more as we go. The ultimate goal is to have the best of the best on the platform and create a robust enough network that allows us to literally ask/answer any question or any request execs throw at us 24/7/365. With our aggregate experience, knowledge, brainpower, and connections there should never be a question we can’t answer, a connection that can’t be made, or anything that can’t be procured in record time.

Next, I believe our aggregate influence, visibility, and connections will eventually help change how this role is viewed, recruited, compensated and respected throughout the industry. Admittedly, I want to obsolete non-EA centric recruiters because they still don't have a clue when it comes to recruiting this role correctly and advocating equitably on behalf of EAs. I would love for trīb. to lead that charge and eventually become a first stop for top CEOs and executives looking for the type of game-changing, high performing, insanely well connected EAs on this platform. It’s actually already happening. I wish you could see the number of emails, texts and DMs I get every day from CEOs and internal/external recruiters looking for “one of yours.” Until recently, I wasn’t even considering a recruiting component of trīb. But I’m now considering it. I’ll dive more deeply into this at another time once I’ve done a bit more due diligence. Just know that something’s brewing.

My larger goal is to help build individual members of trīb. into leaders, advocates, writers, speakers, teachers, and entrepreneurs who can teach /trīb/U in local markets around the world and eventually help grow trīb. into a full-blown online (and physical?) academy and incubator for EAs and EAs-turned-entrepreneurs. This is my 4th go as an owner/operator and I’ve learned a few things from all of my CEOs as well. The insane responsibility of being my own boss numerous times helped to make me a super effective, well-rounded EA. EAs have the natural ability to be CEOs of SMBs, but lack the info, confidence and game plan. Helping others start their own businesses is a passion of mine at which I’ve actually been quite successful helping a number of friends and ex-colleagues who started successful businesses of their own. It’s time to put that info and passion to good use and build what I’ve always dreamed of. trīb. is a manifestation of that dream. Given our start, imagine what it will be 2 years from now!

Lastly, I want to create a philanthropic component of trīb. that helps other EAs and people in we just did with our girl Rosie. I got to see, first hand, what was actually possible when the EA community bands together around a good cause. I also got to see what is possible by using what modicum of influence I have on LinkedIn to really get people to listen and WANT to help a complete stranger. We can do so much more for so many more people across the globe. And we will.

In case you haven’t heard, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. (She’s fine. She’s me x1000, so…) What I realized is that there are EAs and others in the wild, like Rosie, who suffer in silence, put off treatments, scape to pay for their own medical care, etc. and feel they have nowhere to turn for help. Remember the campaign for Vickie Sokol Evans a year or two ago? it was heartbreaking to see that even with as much as she has done for our community, she still had to rely on a rally of support from all of us in the community to be okay financially through an incredibly difficult life event. With as much influence as we all have in aggregate, we’ve got to do more within our own ranks and leverage that power to influence all of the wealthy, distracted, execs we support to come up off of some of that cash and help save/improve some lives. I have some ideas, including a potential charitable foundation run by trīb. Again, more due diligence needed. Stay tuned.


Last month, there was a confidentiality breach at a /trīb/U that NEVER should have happened. It quickly escalated into something much larger that extended all the way to the HR department of a company I don’t even know. It put me in an incredibly awkward and potentially litigious position that could threaten not only the reputation of /trīb/U, but my livelihood and my dream. So, YES, I took it personal. I had every right to. Luckily, it’s been resolved without much incident and I’m working on forgiveness of the people from trīb who were involved. My private attorney has strongly advised that I require NDAs be signed by all new /trīb/U registrants. Thanks for that.

Today’s resurfacing of the trīb pledge is in response to that incident. Please know this about me…in no uncertain words. I love helping people succeed. It’s baked into my DNA. But I’m no fool or sucka. If you’re shady, I’m already giving you side eye. If you’re duplicitous, I’ll find out. If you’re talking shit about me or any member of this trīb in the wild, I probably already know. Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. And don’t, for one second, underestimate the reach and influence I have within the EA and broader business communities. You come for me or anyone in this trīb, you’d better pack a mighty big lunch and bring a really big bat. I was born with an INSANE power of intuition and bullshit detection. And I’ve ended many a career in less than 3 texts and a phone call of those who thought they could fuck me over. I have next-level game. Don’t try to play me. You WILL lose. I’ll see to it.

I’m here to build something that will benefit EVERYONE in this community and truly change the perception of this role like I’ve said from the very first article I posted on LinkedIn. I will not endure petty bullshit or petty, bullshit people on this platform. Period. You can kick rocks. My reputation and my brand are attached. And I will fight with everything and every resource I have to make sure they are not tarnished by some bullshit and moments of weak character. EVERYBODY clear? Moving on.

/trīb/U UPDATE

We are officially kicking ass and taking names at /trīb/U. Here are the stats as of today: (since January 12, 2019)

6 completed workshops (San Francisco, Melbourne, Auckland, Sydney, Boston, Denver)
71 alums
$149,051 in new compensation, raises, bonuses
7 new roles
2 promotions


REQUEST: No more long-winded diatribes on the #rants channel or I will pull it down. Real talk, I’m not a fan of this channel. However, having taught MEGA U and /trīb/U for over 2 years I’ve realized that it’s important to have an outlet to vent frustrations, get it out of your system, and move forward with an exhale in your head and heart. However, a couple of sagas of late are really making me want to sunset the channel. I won’t. Yet. But let’s please remember that the EAs on this platform are badasses. We eat weak people and whiners for lunch. My whole ethos and message is about FITFO and finding solutions to problems, not wallowing in them and recruiting others for your individual pity party. NOT INTERESTED. WILL BAN YOU. Tighten that shit up or it comes down.


There will be a steady flow of top-flight EAs joining trīb. over the next several months. Which means we will become even more effective for one another and the global EA community. Please reach out (as you already do) and welcome the new members. Yes, I’m making sure they “fit” within the family we’ve already created. No assholes or Queen Bees allowed. Like, EVER.

Also, please schedule some physical meetups on your own with local trībsters so that you can put a face to a name! trīb. is about community. May it exist away from a screen and keyboard! Preferably with some sort of alcoholic beverages and fried food in the mix! I’ll eventually create a budget for this so that it can occur on a regular basis as we grow in numbers.


One of the main things I say in the trīb. pledge is to not only consume, contribute. I’ve done a recent audit of all of our members and found several who rarely come on the platform or lurk or have completely fallen off the planet. I will be deleting those accounts shortly. I only surround myself with the most passionate people and those who willingly participate. I pass no judgment on those who lurk. I just don’t want them on the platform. Only the passionate ones…like I’ve said from Day 1. 


I am seriously proud of everyone on this platform who willfully chooses to be part of something bigger than all of us. Who either already has or is growing into their own voice. Who wants to be among people who “get it” and want to be challenged to the edges of their abilities. For 26 years I’ve BREATHED this role and now dedicate my life to evolving it to a point where it’s ESSENTIAL and not accessory in the minds of those who spec/level/recruit/compensate it. More importantly, I’m happy to help absolutely anyone who’s passionate about this role succeed wildly by sharing everything I’ve learned on my way up the ladder.

We have a unique opportunity to do something great here. As I’ve always maintained, I don’t know everything and don’t have all of the answers. I don’t do everything perfectly, but at least I’m trying to do SOMETHING that I believe will benefit us individually and as a community. PLEASE STEP UP. I welcome your ideas, critiques, expertise in certain areas, etc. This is OUR trīb. Not just mine. But please respect that it’s my dream, reputation, and livelihood attached. Act accordingly.