3 Resolutions with Some Serious ROI

It's that time of year again. Time for the dreaded resolutions list and their short-lived lifecycle when life eventually slinks back into Groundhog Day. To which I flash double bananas and a resounding "F*** that!"

After the bullshit we've had to deal with in 2017 it's time to switch it up. Make some tangible changes in your life in 2018 and make them stick. Here are a few that will require a little consistency, but are very achievable.

  1. Become conversational in a new language. Learning a new language is easier than ever these days. Language learning apps like BabbelDuolingo, and Busuu make it easy to zone out during your commute to and from work or during the lunch break you now have reason to take. Lessons last from 10 - 20 minutes each, which means you could knock out a couple a day. Start picking up the language of the place you're visiting for vacation or as a way to impress your boss and possibly become a resource for the company. (Think: RAISE!) Learning a foreign language forces you to think in a whole new way and I've found that it makes me feel more alert and alive. I'm currently learning Italian, brushing up on my French and will soon start German classes for my trip in March. Set small, measurable goals. Find someone who speaks the language natively and ask them to speak to you only in that language. It can be a bit frustrating at first, but once you start getting the hang of it and actually start thinking in that language, you'll be hooked.
  2. Hire a professional. Y'all crack me up sometimes. Actually you frustrate the hell out me. I can't for the life of me understand why people choose to beat their heads against the wall over and over expecting anything but the same result. You see it every January 1st through about the 18th at the gym. You're tripping over newbies with zero form, sweating profusely and obviously hating even being in the building. And by week 4 you never see them again. Or I'll get people reaching out to me for advice which I'm happy to dispense at the astonishingly low price of $80/hr with a procession of success stories of former and present clients as proof that it works. Yet, they'll him and haw and make every excuse in the world not to come up off the cash as their world is crashing down around them. So here's the thing kids. Hiring a professional is the fastest way to get from your wish to your dream. The money that you fret over ends up being minuscule and inconsequential once you've achieved your goal in 1/4 of the time (or less) than attempting it poorly on your own. Let professionals do what they do best. They've already blazed the trail and mastered the strategies. They provide you with accountability and encouragement to see your goals through to completion. And since you're paying with your cold hard cash, you're more apt to not want to waste your money or their time in the pursuit. Doing it yourself isn't noble anymore. It's stupid. Hire someone who can get you there quickly and pay them for changing your life. #wakeup #getacoach #andatrainer
  3. No sighs or eye rolls in 2018. Now here's one that's free of charge but will change your life in ways you'd never imagine. Think about how often you hear or watch something and immediately sigh or roll your eyes without even needing to hear or see anymore. Um, you realize you just did a cannonball into a big pool of bias, right? And bias means you've made an assumption based on limited information, personal experience or without weighing an opposing viewpoint and considering all of the information before making your determination...in the form of an eye roll or sigh. So here's an exercise for you. Catch yourself before you step onto the diving board. If you feel a sigh coming on, exhale silently. Voila! Sigh averted. If you feel an eye roll coming on simply close your eyes and silently whisper, "I'm a judgmental bastard." Works like a charm! The goal here is to decouple the physical act that lends to the bias. Every coin has two sides. It's important, as adults, that we weigh all of the information, even seek clarification, before we jump to conclusions and get wet. This isn't easy. But you'll get to the point where you'll giggle each time you catch yourself about to take the bias plunge. And sooner than you think, you won't have a sigh or eye roll left in you.

So there's three relatively easy resolutions for 2018 with some serious return on investment. Just by knocking these out you'll achieve a new level of growth for yourself. Nothing too crazy or too daunting. None cost too much money or are in anyway prohibitive. But they do take discipline and consistency. And we all know that once you master those traits you can do absolutely anything you set your mind to. Start here and make 2018 proactively about YOU and your growth vs. watching the world go to hell in a hand basket from the same bleachers as all the other sighers and eye rollers.

Phoenix Normand