1:1 Coaching

I’ve made a career of knowing executives better than anyone. I’ve supported great ones. I’ve supported terrible ones. And I’ve mastered the art of anticipating their moves and needs. I can typically size them up in 5 minutes of conversation and know everything from the truths they’re manipulating, their strengths and deficiencies, their level of morality, and whether or not they’re confident in their abilities to lead.

I know Executive Assistants equally as well. Having been one at the top of the game for over 26 years I know what it takes to be a top performer. And the number one component is mindset. Poor attitudes, lack of emotional intelligence and business acumen continue to plague this community. We’ve been deluded into thinking that the high compensation we’ve scored in this great market somehow make us more relevant, respected and indispensable. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I coach winners. The ones who absolutely love this profession and who show up every day looking to be even more effective than they were the day before. I’m not a therapist. Hire one. I am the guy who will teach you everything you need to succeed and coach the mindset needed to get to the very top of the game in the shortest time possible. Because I’ve actually done it.