The What

this. my tribe. is a global information, education and community platform specifically designed for top Executive and Personal Assistants around the world. Members have access to the knowledge, experience, and expertise of Assistants supporting some of the most successful and influential executives on the planet.

The Why

Top Executive Assistants are the epicenter of information for their executives. The role often requires providing answers to questions and solving problems in record time. While a perfectly executed Google search can provide an answer, it often doesn’t include the nuance, context, and specificity that an answer from another Executive Assistant can provide. That is the basis for this. my tribe.

While the role differs exec to exec, the success of an Executive Assistant relies primarily on their ability to produce quickly and accurately often under the pressures of time, overwhelm and little-to-no direction. Having 24/7/365 access to other Executive Assistants who can provide answers, suggestions and recommendations based on their own experience and expertise is a priceless resource that, until now, hasn’t existed.

By joining this. my tribe. Executive Assistants instantly become part of a global community of top administrative experts providing the type of support and community that only another Assistant can provide. In concert with live and online workshops, 1:1 and admin team coaching, and real-time communication with a global community of top EAs, this. my tribe. will quickly become a highly coveted, daily resource for Executive and Personal Assistants to provide world class assistance to their executives and be an active member of a community of their peers.

The Who


Phoenix Normand has supported game-changing CEOs in Finance, Retail, and Technology for over 26 years. During that time he has developed a comprehensive understanding of what makes top CEOs and organizations successful. Most importantly, he has mastered the executive/EA relationship and coaches/mentors Executive Assistants and teams around the world to be the most effective administrative professionals in business. The 239 Assistants who have attended his workshops around the world have scored over $850K in raises, bonuses and compensation adjustments, in only 16 months.

His unique perspective as a successful Black, gay, top 1%, career C-suite EA and his straight-no-chaser, zero-BS style has quickly made him one of the most followed, new voices and advocates for the global Executive Assistant community. He has dedicated his life to the role and continues to study the exec/EA dynamic to help other EAs develop the same mindset, acumen, passion and execution as the people they support and become a highly coveted member of the team. this. my tribe. is a culmination of over two decades of having a seat at the table and providing (and now teaching) a level of service that today’s executives need and expect, but still have trouble articulating. The exec/EA relationship is one of the most important in business. Now Executive Assistants have a resource to quickly remedy many of the communication issues and mis-matched expectations that have plagued this relationship and role for decades.